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Cathedral of Shadows D&D

Sean and the guys got together for another night session of Dungeons and Dragons.

From Sean:

This time the party would take on the minions of Shar within the Cathedral of Shadows! Let’s watch our heroes…

From Inok:

All of the images of the dungeon set were taken with 100 ISO, since if you’re taking photos of still objects with your camera on a tripod, there’s really no reason to crank up the ISO level.

The biggest challenge, however, was actually trying to find a point of focus. In reality the room was pretty much pitch dark (most of them had 30 seconds of exposure). So the camera’s auto-focus function couldn’t detect anything. Using manual focus was not much different since your naked eyes couldn’t see anything either.

Near the end of the game though, I finally figured out a trick: focus on the closest source of light to your desired object (in this case a tea light or a glow stick), then adjust the focus towards your object.

Either way it was fun. I kind of wish they’d play longer but it was pushing midnight on a Tuesday night, so everyone needed to get their rest before the next working day rolls around.

Full gallery here

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